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Meggin McIntosh
3 min readMar 4, 2022


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Recently, I shared the following quote with a group of women:

“For what is done or learned by one class of women becomes, by virtue of their common womanhood, the property of all women.” ~ Elizabeth Blackwell

Then I posed the question, “What is one lesson that you think should be the property of all women?” Here are 10 of the responses I received (and there will be another set of 10 responses in an upcoming week so you can look forward to that).

  1. You can learn everything you need to learn about love from your dog… and everything you should know about obedience from your cat. (shared by Beverly Delidow)
  2. I believe the lesson for every woman is to learn to trust herself. Trust your wisdom and your heart to tell you what is right for yourself. Trust when you hear the voice inside that says you need to stop and rest. And most importantly, trust the voice inside yourself that says this is what makes me feel alive, this thing, this moment, whatever that is for you and follow it always. (shared by Jo Hatcher)
  3. I think that every woman needs to know that SHE IS ENOUGH regardless of what anyone else (especially men, i.e., fathers, husbands, boyfriends) may tell her. Unfortunately, so much of a woman’s self-esteem is tied to what men think of her. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous a woman may be on the outside, it’s what she thinks about herself that determines her happiness. It seems that most of us grow up seeking the approval of a man to define our self worth. I wish I could eliminate all the pain that women suffer at the hand of a man. I am not anti-man, I just believe that women would be happier if we didn’t spend so much time and energy trying to please men. If women weren’t competing with each other for the attention of men, we’d all get along much better, too. As we break free of these self-limiting beliefs, we’ll set the world on fire! (shared by Bernee E. Long)
  4. A woman should never let a man dictate how she is to wear her hair. It just drives me crazy when I am told that she can’t cut her hair or color it as her man likes it a certain way. (shared by Lavina Volken)
  5. Listen to that inner voice of hesitation and caution. When you don’t hear it…go forward boldly. When you do hear it, pause and reconsider. (shared by Laura Parks)
  6. Learn to ask for what you want. Usually the worst thing that can happen is to be told “no” which is not a rejection of you as a person; it is just a “no”. (shared by Vivian Van Kekerix)
  7. Every woman should have value herself enough to have her own financial “nest egg.” There are so many ways that we can suddenly find ourselves needing to be able to take care of ourselves. (shared by Syna Morgan)
  8. Get, be, and stay organized. Organizing is more than tidiness. It is the process of change and choices–the willingness to change behaviors and the ability to choose the pathway that will satisfy your deepest desires. During the course of a day, you have the opportunity to make a multitude of choices as to how you will use your time. The choices you make, and subsequent changes that develop, will either keep you flowing smoothly along the river of life or they will throw you into turbulent waters. The next time you are confronted with too much to do and too little time, remember it is your choice what you do with the moments. (shared by Judith Ann Kirk)
  9. Whatever challenge you are facing, know that you aren’t the only one that has felt that way or faced that challenge. Don’t hide in shame. Be open and share your challenges with those you trust so you can reap their support and advice. (shared by Janna M. Crews)
  10. Don’t stand in someone’s shadow and allow your light to dim. (shared by Susan McCarthy)

Thanks to these wonderful women who share their wisdom with the rest of us.



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