Words to Describe Your Writing Time

To be productive as a writer, you need to actually write. I know this doesn’t come as a shock, yet I also know how easy it is to let other tasks, projects, people, or any number of other distractions take us away from our writing.

Since words have power, consider using the following words to describe your writing time (just in case someone asks you to relinquish it).

1. Sanctioned

2. Protected

3. Scheduled

4. Sacrosanct

5. Strategic

6. Required

7. Non-negotiable

8. Dedicated

9. No-Matter-What

10. Unless there’s blood or bone in evidence, not to be disturbed…

If you need to practice, then please do. Imagine the scenario where you have 10 — noon on Thursday as your protected writing time. When someone asks if you can meet then, you say, “I can’t meet then because that is my required writing time. How about meeting at noon or anytime later that afternoon?”

Note: When I was sharing this list with the *30 Articles in Just 30 Days* group, one person said that the word she uses to talk about her dedicated writing time is, “MINE!” I like it!

One of the ways that you can learn from Meggin about productive writing is through her 30 Articles in Just 30 Days program or from some of her publications such as this one:

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